World renowned Kruger National Park

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The Kruger National Park is the largest wildlife sanctuary in the Republic of South Africa and one of the largest controlled nature reserves in the world. Situated in Mpumalanga and the Northern Province, and bordered on the eastern side by Mozambique. The Park forms a reversed L with an area of 1 900 000 hectares or 19 000 square kilometres.

The first tourists visited the Park in 1923

This iconic destination is visited by over 1 million people annually and the first on the list of Must Do’s in the Kruger Lowveld.

Visiting the park can range from a simple self drive day trip up to staying in an ultra luxury game lodge with your own butler, and everything in between.

Kruger Lowveld Tourism is a registered reservations contractor for South African National Parks and we are experts of over 30 years in booking and advising travelers on visiting Kruger National Park.

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