Authentic Wildlife Safaris

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This is the reason why you will come here for the first time and come back every time!

Our wildlife safaris are undoubtedly the best in the world.  Authentic, Diverse and mixed with all our local cultures with their stories and hospitality, you will be Amazed.  Enjoy a safari like a millionaire in one of our open safari vehicles, or in a comfortable minibus as a family.  The most of us around here take a vehicle and drive ourselves.  The animals in our Nature Reserves are accustomed to the presence of people and although you have to take the necessary caution and obey the rules of safety, it is not intimidating at all to take a drive on the wild side!  Roads in the Kruger National Park are well maintained to accommodate even the vehicles from the city.

This is the local thing to do, take a drive in the Kruger National Park or join a guided safari which will suit anyone’s pocket.  Grab your camera and a picnic basket and just be…  Every day is different and the next big sighting could be around the next bend in the road.