Safety Tips

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  1. Use common sense anywhere:

Do not walk alone

Do not walk around with expensive jewellery

Do not display expensive items / wallet / backpack

Do not leave valuable items / shopping bags in the car

Be discreet when paying at a shop / street vendor

Do not pick up hitch-hikers



If you have absolutely no choice –

Phone your next stop and tell them when to expect you

and what route you are following.


  1. Plan your itinerary and route in advance:

GPS is not always reliable in rural areas

Cell phone signal is patchy or not available on rural roads

Ask a local person before you depart, which road is the best

Enquire about known road blockages because of protest action

Know your route exactly, so you are not distracted

Look out for potholes, pedestrians and stray animals


  1. Adhere to road signs

Speed limit could be 80km/h on a road that looks like a highway

Stop signs could be at unexpected places


  1. If you get pulled over by police / traffic police

Remain cooperative

Insist on a written fine in case of an alleged violation

It is strictly illegal to pay cash to a traffic / police officer

Legitimate fines should be paid at a police station or

Magistrate’s court only, where a receipt must be issued

If prompted for a bribe, take note of the officer’s name,

the place and time and their vehicle registration number

Report it to the Police – see emergency numbers è


  1. ALWAYS….

Keep copy of your passport with your travel agent

or store a photo of it on the cloud

Keep list of important contacts with your travel agent / cloud

Memorise at least five most important contact numbers

Have water, toilet paper and energy bars with you

Wear sunscreen when out during the day – even cloudy days








Police / any emergency   10111

From a cell phone             112

Medical                               10177

Tourism Information       +27 (0)13 755 1988

Tourism WhatsApp only  +27 (0)82 321 6018

Helpdesk on N4 route      0800 87 22 64

My Own Contacts:

Travel Agent                      __________________

Family member                 __________________

Car Hire               __________________

Have the following information ready and remain calm:

(English is widely spoken and understood but not as a

First language. Speak slowly and clearly when calling)

  • The nature of the emergency
  • Exact location of the incident

(Including nearby landmarks)

  • Details about injuries / possible suspects
  • Your personal information
  • Take the name of the person you speak to
  • Ask how long it will take to get assistance
  • Follow up to ensure you get help
  • Send a brief report of the incident to the

Tourism WhatsApp line