Malalane Sugar Mill (Transvaal Sugar Mill / RCL Foods)

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Information provided by Hans Bornman from his unpublished book, Lowveld Tour Guide:

East of the road (P133-1), to the Malalane gate of the Kruger National Park, lies the Malalane sugar mill owned by Transvaal Sugar Limited (TSB). Construction started in 1965 and the first sugar was produced on 1 May 1967. The sugar cane, which supplies the factory, covers an area of more than 20 300 ha. The sugar mill is able to crush about 3½ million tons of cane per annum at a rate of 600 tons per hour. Over 350 000 tons of refined sugar can be produced annually and is mainly sold under the brand name SELATI. During the milling season, usually from April to December, the mill operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The most important growth period for sugar cane is from January to March and during this time the factory is overhauled and repairs are made. The area under sugar cane in the Onderberg, which is the area from Kaapmuiden to Komatipoort, currently comprises more than 30 000 hectares. Sugar cane is produced by approximately 500 private growers as well as TSB’s own estates.