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Rottcher Wineries

Rottcher Wineries

Rottcher’s create their unique promise of enjoyment by two processes, distillation and fermentation. Using oranges instead of grapes!


  • White River
  • 013 751 3472
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Owner and distiller of Rottcher Wineries Frank Theron is taking the business to new heights with a revamped distillery and the launch of a variety of new drinks, including the delicious Limoncello Slush Puppy – with an alcohol content reduced to 7%.

Frank has experimented with gin recipes and is now also producing orange-based gin as well as Clementine Mampoer. He is justifiably proud of Rottcher Wineries’ unique range of fermented and distilled infused orange “wine” products, namely Limoncello liqueur, which is double-distilled and infused with lemon according to Rottcher’s unique recipe; Rottcher Orange; Rottcher Dry Orange; Rottcher Orange and Chilli; Rottcher Orange and Ginger and Rottcher Orange Clementine.

The shop at the Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre in White River, opposite Magnolia Restaurant, is open from Monday to Friday (09h00 to 16h30), Saturday and public holidays (09h00 to 16h00) and Sunday (11h00 to 15h00).

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