This small and well-preserved settler village had its own gold rush in 1882, around the same time as Barberton and Pilgrim’s Rest. Weekend homes and accommodation establishments superseded the diggings long ago and this little village is now a popular getaway with a cooler climate than the Lowveld it overlooks 800m below.

Top Attractions

  • Adam’s calendar is a mysterious ring of stones on the ridge overlooking Barberton and thought by some to date back thousands of years and line up with the Pyramids at Giza
  • The cemetery, deep in the forest, tells the tale of this gold rush town from its first settlers to the current day, through wars and pestilence. A very tidy and often moving spot. One of the last survivors of the Battle of Delville Wood is buried in the cemetery and a memorial service is held there annually in honour of those brave soldiers.
  • Beware Wild Horses! So says the road sign. And it’s true. These feral animals are descended from horses released here a century ago and can often be seen placidly grazing the veld around the village
  • Kaapschehoop is probably the region’s most iconic centre for both art galleries and foodie hangouts
  • Numerous walks and mountain bike- and horse-trails loop in and out of the hills and forest offering spectacular views interspersed with cool forests


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