Goulds Salvation Valley

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Information provided by Hans Bornman from his unpublished book, Lowveld Tour Guide:

The Eastern Railway Line between Pretoria and Delagoa Bay was started in 1887 and reached Nelspruit in 1892. The coming of the line to Kaapmuiden at the end of March 1892 did not immediately solve the transport problems confronting Barberton. There were still four years to go before the completion of the branch line to the town itself, and that meant that the old Pettigrew’s road, from Komatipoort via Kaapmuiden to Barberton, had to be reopened. The tsetse fly was found to be as bad as ever, and once more wagon after wagon was abandoned along the Kaap River, as the oxen fell in their tracks. A new route to the railway line had to be found and in May 1892 a transport rider named Edward Gould succeeded in opening up a new road starting from Noordkaap, climbing up the hills behind the old Bullion mine, and then entering the long straight valley of the Blinkwater Spruit, which led down to Krokodilpoort Siding, 18 km west of Kaapmuiden. The road was devoid of fly, and because the transport riders now considered themselves saved from ruination, they named the long valley Gould’s Salvation Valley. The road sign ‘Goulds Salvation Creek’, in Crocodile Gorge, 23 km east of Nelspruit and 16 km west of Kaapmuiden, is not correct and should read ‘Blinkwater Spruit’, as recorded on the maps.