Finding your Inner Self in the Kruger Lowveld

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Life is fast paced and at times unforgiving. The constant demand of work and family life often leaves one depleted. The Kruger Lowveld region is a destination that can renew and revive a depleted soul. Through the healing power of being outdoors and nature, one can find peace and often answers to life’s many mysteries.

There are many mystical and calming places around the region where one can reconnect and reflect. One such spot is the labyrinth at Old Joe’s Kaia Country Haven. Used for centuries, labyrinths provide a space for prayer, meditation or introspection. They are designed to intertwine in a mathematical way, always ending in the centre and leading out by the same way. Walking a Labyrinth is often compared to a reflective journey of one’s spirit.

The Forest at the bottom of the Graskop Gorge, is home to a vivid canopy of trees and spectacular plant life. This Afromontane Forest gives a sense of comfort. The scent of the tress, the sunlight dancing through the canopy all create clarity and contribute to physical and mental wellbeing. This experience awakens all your senses and revives your appreciation for nature.

The Maria Shires Falls is located 15 kilometres from the town of Graskop and is one of the lesser visited waterfalls along the Panorama Route. This natural marvel is an often private and is a spectacular location to experience nature’s unique ability to calm, revive and instantly change one’s mood.