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Information provided by Hans Bornman from his unpublished book, Lowveld Tour Guide:

A few kilometres east of Nelspruit the Crocodile Valley Citrus Estate is situated which ranks amongst the largest citrus growers in South Africa. The history of the Estate goes back to the aftermath of the first World War (1914-1918) when it was then known as the SA Prudential Citrus Estate, and was established as a plotholder’s company. There were 601 plots, of 5 morgen each, separately owned. By 1925 the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Ivan Solomon, practising as a lawyer in Pretoria, was engaged in connection with the liquidation of the Company. Foreseeing the potential of this farming enterprise and believing in its future, proceeded together with a few partners, to buy out the plotholders. When the citrus industry went through bleak times in the late twenties, his partners lost faith and they sold their shares to Ivan Solomon who thus became the sole owner of Crocodile Valley Citrus Estates, the new company was registered in 1927, except for one plot, that of W D N Rothery, whose plot was eventually bought in 1960.