Before you pack…

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Weather & clothing

The seasons in the southern hemisphere are directly opposite to those in the northern hemisphere. For summer months, lightweight cottons and linens and short-sleeved clothes are best, although a light jersey/jumper/sweater might be needed for the cooler evenings. Umbrellas and raincoats are essential for summer and don’t forget to pack your suntan lotion! Warmer clothes are needed in winter.


Malaria is found occasionally, only in the Lowveld region of the Kruger Lowveld. There is a very low risk of malaria in winter. Although the incidence of malaria is rare, it’s best to take adequate precautions if you visit these areas. The cheapest, safest and most effective measures against malaria are physical barriers, such as a mosquito net and the use of a good insect repellent. If you decide to take malaria prophylaxis, take the medication in accordance with the directions on the package insert.