A ‘Museum’ of wonder and mystery

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Gold, transport riders and fascinating characters, straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. Visiting the town of Pilgrim’s Rest one can be transported back to the 1800s when the town was formed. Frozen in time, this town is a protected historical gem that is a wonderful addition to any itinerary. Here’s a lowdown on what not to miss out one while in town:

  • A photographic studio unlike any you’ve ever seen. At Kuzzulos you get to create your own old-fashioned photograph! You could be a prisoner in your prison uniform, a gold prospector who has struck gold or one of the Royal Hotel’s sultry Cancan girls putting on a show! The options are endless!


  • This charming Victorian-style hotel has seen many a character over the decades…highwaymen, ladies of the night and gold diggers alike! A lesser-known fact is that the hotel was once a Roman Catholic chapel in the old Lourenco Marques (Maputo). After the congregation outgrew the chapel, it was sold to the owner of the Ryal Hotel who then broke it down and had it transported by ox wagon to Pilgrim’s Rest.


  • Who would have thought that a grave would be an attraction? Robber’s grave stands out as the only grave in the cemetery as it faces a different direction to the others. Weird hey? There are various versions of the story but the most popular being that it is a grave is of an unnamed man who was accused of stealing. As to how he ended up in that grave, you’ll have to visit Pilgrim’s Rest for the ending.


  • Did you know that Pilgrim’s Rest has hosted countless gold panning championships over the years? Well, you cannot visit a place as iconic as Pilgrim’s Rest and not go gold panning! Grabs some friends and pan your heart out knowing that you keep whatever you find! This activity is endless fun and gives a peek into how prospectors earned their nuggets.


  • The Anglican Church is the oldest structure in Pilgrim’s rest and is worth a visit. Built in 1884, this church has an organ which is over a century old!